Tucked away on the North East coast of the Isle Of Wight the site for the Park was initially purchased in 1961 by the founding Directors and business owners Peter & Margaret Adams. They had a vision and a dream to develop the parcel of land into a wildlife sanctuary after a visit to Slimbridge Wetlands Trust in Gloucestershire. Where watching the sun set against a back drop of pink flamingos the idea of creating a ‘ Flamingo Park ‘ as it was originally titled sprung to life!

The Park has been and continues to be a labour of love owned and managed by the same family since inception when the inspiration, design and work began in earnest in the late 1960’s and has never really stopped! Working seven days a week and all the hours possible the business has evolved and grown into a beautifully landscaped site with a re-brand and a new title change to Seaview Wildlife Encounter in 2010.

The Park first opened the gates in August 1971 to the public and as a result of the steady investment and dedication the Park has gone from strength to strength growing from its humble beginnings as a cattle grazing pasture to becoming a multi-award winning tourist destination of today.

How it all began - Flamingo Park 1961